Beginner’s Guide to Classical Literature

1.The Good Place Have you ever thought that The Divine Comedy is great with all these hot sinful people but it needs a bit more comedy and was more inclusive in its afterlife? Then this is the show for you!, The Good Place, created by Micheal Shur, is  a philosophical afterlife comedy tackling classic dilemmas… Continue reading Beginner’s Guide to Classical Literature

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The Dependence on Being Independent

Article by Erinç GERÇEK Art by Yaoyao Ma Van Have you ever wondered why holidays mean so much to us? Even the word “ holiday” itself is enough to make us smile, and in fact that sort of smile is contagious, but why is that ? It is because the idea of having free time… Continue reading The Dependence on Being Independent


Derry Girls: Best Depiction of Teenage Absurdity

Derry Girls ,written and created by Lisa McGee, follows five teenagers live during the 1990's Ireland. The main characters are Erin, Orla, Michelle, Clare and James. Erin Quinn (Saoirse-Monica Jackson) is an aspiring writer with the ego of one as well. Orla McCool (Louisa Harland) is Erin's sweet but invasive cousin, so as most close… Continue reading Derry Girls: Best Depiction of Teenage Absurdity

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Poem of the Week: 31 October – 6 November

How to Break a Curse BY DANIELLE BOODOO-FORTUNE Lemon balm is for forgiveness.Pull up from the root, steepin boiling water. Add locusts’ wings,salt, the dried bones of hummingbirds.Drink when you feel ready.Drink even if you do not. Pepper seeds are for courage.Sprinkle them on your tongue.Sprinkle in the doorway and alongthe windowsill. Mix pepper and… Continue reading Poem of the Week: 31 October – 6 November