Yıldız Ibrahimova and Tanini Trio

Yıldız Ibrahimova and Tanini Trio

On October 22,2014, I had the pleasure of hearing Yıldız Ibrahimova with Tanini Trio at Kültür University. Yıldız Ibrahimova, one of the most popular jazz singers in Europe, is a Bulgarian singer of Turkish ancestry. Tanini Trio consists of Tahir Aydoğdu on the canon, Bilgi Canaz on the ney and Hakan Ali Toker on the piano. They played a mixture of classical music and modal jazz.

Yıldız Ibrahimova has different styles, when performing; one must be ready for the surprises because she can jump from classical music to the Turkish folk music. For instance, she sang one of her mixed compositions which is a mix of Mozart’s “Spring” and Zeki Müren’s “Yine Bir Gülnihal”. Can you believe that! It was literally amazing. Her voice has a highly impressive tone; one can hear her voice’ s beauty while she is making weird sounds. To say it again, she has specific style, for example, she sang a piece only by imitating sounds of several animals, which, to me, was one of the surprising parts of the concert.

Besides her beautiful voice, she made the audience laugh by acting on the stage. For example, while the pianist was playing the piano, she was like: ‘What is this?’, ‘This is my concert’, and she was running out of the stage, and was teasing with the pianist. She told by acting that “If you continue pianist, I will go!”and at some point she actually did leave the concert and when the pianist  finished his part she came back and all the audience just fell about laughing. Therefore, the concert was like a musical and her role was to act like a jealous child.

They finished the concert together again with one of their compositions which was full of joy, then Yıldız Ibrahimova said goodbye to us dancing. After the concert we had the chance to buy one of her albums and to have the albums signed by the artist.

On an unrelated topic, there is one thing I want to emphasize that the chairs were almost empty, although the performance hours were arranged according to us. The beginning time of the performance was 07.00 p.m. Unfortunately, most of us are not aware of the chance we have and do not even know that we have an auditorium and art center in our university. Please have a look at the booklet called the year of dialogues, which tells us the calendar of events and make sure that we will not miss those excellent artists next time.

In conclusion, I enjoyed the concert; it was a good experience for me to listen to those great musicians and I would advise you to listen Yıldız Ibrahimova and Tanini Trio on stage.

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