Over the Garden Wall

Over The Garden Wall, owner of the Annie Award in the category of Best Animated TV/Broadcast Production for Children’s Audience and Outstanding Achievement, Directing in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production, is a very heart-warming animation created by Patrick McHale who is also the creator of Adventure Time and The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack.

It is a mini-series consists of ten episodes, and each episode lasts for ten minutes. This mini-series tells adventures of two lost brothers, Wirt voiced by Elijah Wood and Greg voiced by Collin Dean. These two brothers try to find their way back to home by passing a very gloomy forest with the help of a talking bird named Beatrice voiced by Melanie Lynskey. Wirt who is just the opposite of Greg, has a very realistic and rational character, whereas Greg ,whose most outstanding trait is his carelessness and constant singing, wanders around with a teapot on his head and a frog in his hands. Greg’s overly positive attitude towards everything will absolutely warm your hearts. While trying to find their way back home, Wirt and Greg find themselves escaping from a “beast” that hunts lost souls in the forest. This magical forest is a place where everything is possible. You will see dancing pumpkins, frogs on a boat trip to a “frog land” and animals that go to school.

over the garden wall

Although show’s main audience are children, Over The Garden Wall is deeper than how it looks. At first look to show, it is a very cute story about two brothers, however when watched carefully it has lots of references to mythology and literary works such as Dante’s Inferno. Over The Garden Wall is also very enjoyable mini-series for those who love musicals. Every episode has its own song according to the plot and characters talk through songs that will make you feel as if you are listening to a song from a Broadway musical.  For comic book lovers Over The Garden Wall also has a comic book adaptation illustrated by Jim Campbell.

Over The Garden Wall is a must watch in February if you are looking for an unusual experience. Since it is a mini-series this show will not take much of your time, in fact it will leave you wanting more of it.

Here is a song from the show that you might like:

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