Canan Dengey’s Exhibition — 9 – 15 February

This week I visited a very lovely exhibition that held by Canan Dengey.  Dengey’s exhibition is at Kozzy shopping mall in Kozyatağı, İstanbul, and it will last until 15th of February.  Although I am not very familiar with drawing and techniques, the common point of everything on the display are how peaceful and relaxing they are. As I took a look at every drawing on the display, I thought that what she draw was what most of the people think to relax, such as a green garden, or a view of a lake. I made a little interview with her to ask some questions that I had in my mind while I was examining her drawings.

What are the common points of the drawings displayed in your exhibition?

Drawings that are being displayed now are my savings of four-teen years.

Are you a self-taught painter or did you graduate from fine arts?

I have been drawing since I was four. It was my dream to become a painter, to draw illustrations for a children’s book and of course have my own exhibition one day, however my parents did not let me saying that I will be unemployed If I choose to become a painter. With additional lessons that lasted very long and a strong will I became a painter. 

Is it true that painting is about 80% practicing 20% about talent?

Yes it is definitely true. You can never discover your full potential without practicing even if you have a talent to draw.

Can you tell us about your techniques?

I am trying to use very different techniques. I used watercolour, acrylics, pastel and oil however lately I am trying to combine all of these techniques into one single work.

I saw that you combined watercolour with coffee grounds in some of the paintings; can you tell us more about that?

After drinking coffee, I cover left over coffee grounds with water colour paper, and then according to shapes of the coffee grounds I begin to draw.

Here some of her works that I liked:

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