The Manhattan Projects

“What if atomic bomb was the most innocent weapon that US Government had devised during the Second World War?” Famous comic book writer Jonathan Hickman created his alternative universe story The Manhattan Projects with the help of that question. Story’s major characters are lead figures of original Manhattan Project which helped United States to gain the upper hand on war. However, leading scientists such as Robert Oppenheimer, Richard Feynman or Enrico Fermi are not like the ones that we are used to. Feynman has some narcissistic personality issues, Oppenheimer gains his knowledge through cannibalism and Fermi is an alien.

The Manhattan Projects - Issue 5

The Manhattan Projects combines historical fiction and Nick Pitarra’s exciting illustrations together. I strongly recommend Image Comics’ one of the ongoing series, The Manhattan Projects for the ones who are interested in historical fiction.

Writer of Pax Romana and East of West, Jonathan Hickman creates an alternative version of 1940s by distorting historical events and characters. The Manhattan Projects opens with Robert Oppenheimer’s new job at US Army’s top-secret project “Manhattan”. However, Oppenheimer realises that development of world’s first atomic bomb is just a media coverage for more interesting experiments. For instance, retrieving mythical artefacts such as trident of Greek god Poseidon from another universe or developing an artificial intelligence (Hickman 12).

The Manhattan Projects - Issue 1

While the story gradually evolves from the end of the WWII to Cold War, stories of all the mad scientists become unravel. Readers realise that each scientist who takes part in The Manhattan Projects has a secret agenda, thus another project within the main Manhattan Project.

Pitarra, Nick. Covers of The Manhattan Projects #1-4. 2012. 7 Sept. 2013. Web. 26 Jan. 2015.

One of the pros of The Manhattan Projects is its simplistic cover designs. Main cover for each issue encapsulates the events in that specific issue. Pitarra’s artworks are also so incredible that you feel as if you were a part of fantastic alternative universe of The Manhattan Projects. If you enjoyed any other book by Jonathan Hickman or if you are a fan of historical fiction, The Manhattan Projects is absolutely the right choice. You can buy it from Gerekli Şeyler Comic Book Shop, each volume is 36 Turkish liras.

Work cited

Hickman, Jonathan, writer. Science Bad. Art by Nick Pitara. Image Comics, September 18, 2012. Print. Vol. 1 of The Manhattan Projects.

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