34th Istanbul Film Festival


The 34th Istanbul International Film Festival is coming again with an extensive program. This festival which first started in 1982 is still protecting the quality of its content along with its diversity. Many of the award-winning films and discoveries of the world cinema, classics and the latest movies of Turkish cinema will be provided at some major cinemas around the city. The programme of the festival which gathers up 204 movies from 62 countries with movie lovers also contains some adaptations from literature. Here are the lists of some:

Gizli Kusur, Inherent Vice (USA)

Original Work: Thomas Pynchon

Screenplay: Paul Thomas Anderson

Kara Ruhlar, Black Souls (Italy, France)

Original Work: Gioacchino Criao

Screenplay: Francesco Munzi, Fabrizio Ruggirello, Maurizio Braucci

Çılgın Kalabalıktan Uzak, Far From the Madding Crowd (USA, UK)

Original Work: Thomas Hardy

Screenplay: David Nicholls

Japon Nişanlım, Tokyo Fiancee (Belgium, Canada, France)

Original Work: Amelie Nothomb

Screenplay: Stefan Liberski

Aşkın Dili, Gemma Bovery (France)

Original Work: Posy Simmonds

Screenplay: Anne Fontaine

Yeni Kız Arkadaşım, New Girlfriend (France)

Original Work: Ruth Rendell

Screenplay: François Ozon

Marnie Oradayken, When Marnie Was There (Japan)

Original Work: Joan G. Robinson

Screenplay: Niwa Keiko, Ando Masashi, Yonebayashi Hiromasa

Taşkınlar Kulübü, The Riot Club (UK)

Original Work: Laura Wade (from her play called “Posh”)

Director: Lone Scherfig

Kaçış Sanatı,  The Easy Way Out (France)

Original Work: Stephen McCauley

Director: Brice Cauvin

Altın Peşinde, The Gold Bug (Argentina, Sweden, Denmark)

Original Work: Edgar Allan Poe (from his short story “The Gold Bug” inspired by Robert Luis Stevenson’s novel)

Director: Alejo Moguillansky, Fia Stina Sandlund

Akşam Yemeği, The Dinner (Italy)

Original Work: Herman Koch

Director: İvano De Matteo

Çöplük, Trash (UK, Brazil)

Original Work: Andy Mulligan

Director: Stephen Daldry

Yüzündeki Sır, Phoenix (Germany)

Original Work: Hubert Monteilhet

Director: Christian Petzold

These films in the festival will be screened at some various locations: Atlas cinema, Beyoğlu Sineması, The Institut Francais, Feriye cinema in Ortaköy, Rexx in Kadıköy and the İstanbul Modern cinema hall.


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