Lara Fabian Comes to Turkey!

Famous Singer, Lara Fabian, known for her pieces “I Will Love Again” and “Je’Taime” sold over 20 million, will meet art lovers in Cesme district of İzmir and in Istanbul.

Fabian, a Canadian citizen born in Belgium in 1970, is the best-selling Belgian female singer of all time. She represented Luxembourg in the 33rd edition of the annual Eurovision Song Contest in 1988 and and ranked 4th with the song “Croire.” She showed a unique performance with 13 songs in TV series and movies between 1991 and 2013. She also received “best soundtrack” award with the film “Final Fantasy” at the World Soundtrack Awards in 2002. Moroever, Fabian sang a duet with Mustafa Ceceli called “Al Götür Beni,” lyrics written by Sezen Aksu, in 2014.

Lara Fabian, who will come to Turkey as a part of a promotional tour of her last album “Ma vie dans la tienne,” will be performing at Cesme OpenAir Theatre on Aug. 26. Besides, Fabian will give another concert at Zorlu Center PSM in Istanbul on Dec. 8.

Tickets for Istanbul and İzmir concerts will be available at Biletix soon.


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