Latest news from Kadıköy: Taşra Kabare is ready for departure!

In recent years, locals in Istanbul have been diverging from the European side to Asia. Of these, Kadıköy which is known with its contemporary and very artistic posture and lively night life, is calling for numerous people to be a part of this unique experience. Being a home to the greatest dining services, progressive attitude, distinctive music and contemporary vibes, Kadıköy is preparing for a brand new entertaining and performance arts center: Taşra Kabare!

Nergis Ozturk & Cemal Toktas

It is a new kind of formation which will bring together music, performing arts and nice dining options under the same roof. Founded by Nergis Ozturk and Cemal Toktas, Tasra Kabare has already been staging their works at different stages. But they finally got their own space and it will open its door on Saturday, 1st October! With its 200 people capacity restaurant and a blackbox stage, it seems to breath a new life into lively atmosphere of Kadıköy. The venue will host the acoustic concerts and cabaret shows as well as offering an alternative taste to Kadıköy’s savour with different selections from German and Turkish cuisine. It has also a backyard where you can move into conversations or watch the shows on stage while you are enjoying your refreshments.


The cabaret’s concept is based on some distinct cabaret venues in 19th century France and Britain. The cabaret floor which can host 200 people, contains all technical equipments, comfort and facilities to fully enjoy the surprising events and concerts with the same comfort as you would feel at home. Besides, the kitchen will welcome food lovers from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m and continue to provide Cabaret dishes and drinks after 9 p.m for those who want to spend much more time in this unusual atmosphere.

Tickets for their shows will be available on their official page soon and will be free of additional charges.

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