Poems by Hira Ekin Sürcan

Poems by Hira Ekin Sürcan

Sakura on a Desert

A new way of life

On a desert full of lie, and my

Feelings are corrupted, and cry

Until my heart feels at ease and unloaded.

Expectations high as the clouds,

It’s getting loud in the crowd

Of my thoughts, and drowned

In the darkness of sleepless nights.

Each day I am forced to hate

This place, and want to evaporate,

Each day I contemplate the fate

That slowly puts me in a grave.

I vanish in the sand without a word,

There are no eulogies to be heard

There is my soul still breathing

There is one pink blossom in the air fleeing

To tell the others I am buried alive.




Ode to my Book

I bought

a new book

last week.

I was waiting for the release date

for a long time.

When I saw it

on the shelf

in the bookstore,

my heart began to pant.

I tenderly took the book

from the shelf and

opened the first page.

The smell of fresh printed paper

filled my whole heart immediately.

My eyes were honoured

to be able to read

this heavenly book.


When I came home,

I put the book on my book shelf,

next to his brothers and sisters.

I resisted putting it

on my desk because

it would feel lonely.

I restrained myself from

hugging it in front of

others because they may think

I am losing my mind.

So I closed the door

of my room and read it

with joy and happiness,

with thousands of different face expressions,

hugging and smelling.

Don’t let people judge your way of

appreciating books.

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