A Short Story by Işıl İlkter

A short by Işıl İlkter

My last reader, or to be more precise, my current master in this household acquired me during one of his visits to Paris. Who I am is an entirely unnecessary detail for what I am about to tell, yet you should never confuse me with others dwelling in this castle. During a snowstorm, an old man reached to the castle and sought refuge from the cold outside. He was, of course, unaware of the bitter cold that had reigned within the walls of this chateau for a long time. The long-growing madness in us all sadly frightened the poor man, and it was, above all the wicked he had gone through that night, my master’s treatment for the man’s innocent reaching for a rose that shook the poor man harshly. Nevertheless, it was the very exact deed that brought Belle, whom would soon emancipate the entire household, to us. Her rage when she entered the castle still makes my pages crinkle. She was like a real saviour in how she released her dear father from my master’s captivity, and how she sacrificed her freedom without any consideration at all. So, Belle remained as a captive only for two days until when we realized she was the one. My master was cursed by an enchantress a long time ago, and was turned into a beast; along with him, the entire household turned into living furniture. As soon as we realized that the warmth of her heart and her tenderness can actually save our master and break the spell, we began to devise a master plan to adjoin them in friendship. Even though my master was a gruesome beast in appearance, she could read his heart and see the feelings beautified into the greatest love still that my master bears within. Their relationship was evolving all well for everyone; butlers and handmaids were visiting me more often than normal in anticipation of becoming humans again but Belle, after looking through the magical mirror one day, saw her dear father yet again in trouble only this time by the townspeople. So, she hurried away to the town, leaving the chateau in dismay one more time. C’est la vie! Another wait began for everyone but this time, even though it was a short one, it was the hardest to endure for the rose that my master guarded was about to lose its final petal and the curse was about to be eternally irreversible. The ghastliness of uncertainty was cut by a marching crowd on the horizon. This sudden threat unleashed another panic throughout the castle; all gathered to take action and I was to be advised. When the crowd reached to our doors, we understood that it was our magical incidents that triggered their strike; any absurdity was deemed as evil and ferocious by them because they never tried to understand the peculiarities. It was also their leader, Gaston that I shall remind all about his manipulations and weak character in the future. The household, as furniture, began to withstand against this incursion; even I threw myself onto some of their heads. We managed to repulse them, however, Lumière brought the worrisome news on what was happening on the top of the north tower; Gaston, while keeping Belle, was trying to kill my master. As we were all hurrying up to the tower, we saw Gaston falling down to the trenches of our chateau. A moment later, we heard a shuttering sound from the depths of the castle which led to coruscating winds of magic.

I found myself in my usual place in the library and saw Cogsworth, my master’s major-domo, standing on his feet and nothing like a pendulum clock, and this made me realize that Belle finally broke the enchantress’ spell and turned everything back to the normal by simply loving my master, truly. Who I am is an entirely unnecessary detail for what I have told; I am all the faces you see on this page and all the others you shall see on some others.

A magical book.

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