Poems by Tayfur Aydın


Buried their naked bodies into white powder

sometimes pink worms

Free from the burden of tomorrow,

the drooling, the chase of power

no more bound to a bed of thorns

Forgiven from all the why? and what for?

No more fathers, no more conquerors,

No more you or me these men are.

Their shapeless bodies ricochet forever,

off the walls of pure, black


Tayfur Aydın



Dazzling sunlight born on a double-edged sword,

blinds the eye of a detuned bloodthirsty crowd.

Men half naked, half robot.

Slashing, and gutting and dicing.

Gouging out the pure child in each other.

Product of the survival instinct,

victims of ant-burning, tail cutting,

Victims of pure red pornography.

Tayfur Aydın




Mother’s Day

Passive-agressive attitude of a veiled Panzer;

Today, I imagined myself as a woman.

I had a stallion in my belly, I could keep it there forever

I could give birth to a Fascist, could give birth to a light

I could end its misery with merciful brutality,

Lying on an operating table — etherised.

Every star that falls from the sky,

Every god that existed

Have all been born of me.



Tayfur Aydın

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