Short Poems

Short Poems by Işıl İlkter

a subtle kiss

on the bridge

that magnificent


.the windy city


blues in my ears

great Shirley Johnson

sings and my eyes

dripping tears.

.blue Chicago


my mother is like the sea

how big, beautiful and blue.

.la mère et la mer


put your head under the water,

tell me what you hear.



I envy the tranquillity of the sky

my mind is as jammed as

the Istanbul traffic.



lights out.

where is the cat?



I am forty-five stories high

I waver on the edge but

I know.

I am not brave to take the fall.




Short Poems by Büşra Kurt


a plate of shrimp

and the smell of moss

on the coast of Tenedos



i know

there is no tomorrow

say you love me

say it for tonight



you are not allowed

to read this poem

in your country





how about loving me

until there is no more ‘you and me’




don’t close your eyes

i’m cold





Short Poem by Hira Ekin Sürcan



A short bus ride

One glance

No sounds, no words

Only you and me

And all the imagination about how happy we would be.



Photo credit: Ilgın Acar

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