Poems by Karekin Serdar Akbaş

Poems by Karekin Serdar Akbaş

Self-Sustaining without Common Pattern

You don’t have to be under the sun,

If it does not fit you well

You are not a sunflower,

You might be a fish

Swimming in the sea

Without the global time that people use

Just the essence that feeds your personality

Under the deep water

In your private atmosphere





Shot-sheltered drops of water

Whilst there are remaining empty glasses

Or the consequence will be the

Ending up as desert

Or full of broken glasses





No one ever followed you

But you stick to your journey stubbornly

Even though you emphasized

The choices you made

Left a track behind you

Slid over any obstacle

Healed any wound you have

No complaints ever made.





What if ’twas just a recidivism?

Followed their arbitrary ideas

Pawn by pawn

Obeyed it but did not eat its fruit

Protected it but shook the inner welfare

If this repetition were to be true

You would be boasting about

Your visit to the temple of Zeus in Athens.




Most Dangerous Animal of All

Raiding the inhabitance of all

Leaving its aura dull

Killing not to eat

Filling the belly with meat

Have no claws or pointy, nasty teeth

We will all be doomed if no one to heed.





Loyal to you and your field

Thanks for the protection he did

With hay and thin sticks it was filled

            Don’t be fooled by the presence of it

The crows it has thrilled

Have eaten already with,

A joy rewarding their wit.




Lament o’ animals

Tiered crocodiles forming the stair step by step

Just to put a smile on face of her

To fulfill unnecessary necessity of her

Slaughtered seals we see

That do not even run away

Awaiting their deaths

Is just the exposed part of the curtain?

Yet you cannot be the stage manager in this universe

Even if you were

You could not direct all the play

Happened in this one.





You are reading this poem

To fill the blank of your life

As it is performing its duty

Like the rest of the world

Closing some gaps that it has to

It shall be the advertisement of the literature

Yet what makes it unique

Is that you can stop reading this

Whenever you want

Still it will be counted as

Done its duty.





The inhabitants of the industrial jungle,

Surrounded by the gray walls rectangled.

Rooted by this routine, entangled.

The ones who refused got mangled,

The rest who bet their lives to gamble,

Culminated as the infinite loop of scandal.





Larded with true knowledge

Girded on the womb as armor to face

The corruption waiting to prey on.

The first claws made his first attempt

Dragged him from his fort

To turn his head to the world

Of reality to make him weep,

And he did succeed in

Making the little warrior cry,

Defeating him in the first battlefront.





Made my first step,

When I was not of an age

To acclimate any place

But to be reborn.

Expectorated by the immense,

Antique, wooden titan.

Like a clam to create a pearl

But instead created a human

That cooled down to shape himself

Analogue to the world we live in.

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