Emma and Her Phone

A short story by Büşra Kurt

Emma and Her Phone

Once upon a night in 2017, little Emma was away in her night-strolling with her favourite Spotify-list on her earbuds. After parking her bicycle to a ragged iron stick coming out of the pedestrian road, she walked through the park which was basically designed with plastic sculptures of cartoon characters for children’s amusement; however, they did not look as amusing to her as they should. After a couple minutes of walking in that park, the plastic sculptures began to appear as weird shapes that would terrorize her in her sleep so she felt a little disturbed, and tried to soothe herself by texting her friends to mock with the park. She decided to take the way down to the lakeside and stroll there a little longer, and as she went down she continued her humorous way of mocking with her surroundings by taking pictures of everything and sharing them with some funny emojis placed on them. Finally, she went to the lakeside and sat there for a while. Although she left her house to have some alone time, she was now sitting on a rock and entirely busying herself with her phone. Then, lo and behold, she dropped her phone accidentally into the lake and yelled at herself but what was unexpected was the respond she received from the lake: “Will you not shout when you are this much close to me, please; especially on such a beautiful full-moon, I might require some peace away from the scrutinizing clicks of your ever disturbing devices!” Emma was utterly shocked, and could not comprehend what was happening. After bewildering the little girl, the lake, in a less opposing way continued to speak, “It was not at all my intention to scare you out little girl but I presume you would understand how hard it could get sometimes for us to enjoy the only time in a year when we have our ability to speak.” “Ability to speak? What on earth are you talking about? You are a lake, just pull yourself together; you shouldn’t talk!” replied Emma in a weirdly uncontrolled way. “That is enough of dictating my nature human, it is the eighth full-moon of the year and I am supposed to sing until the sun shimmers on my skin!” Not knowing what to say, Emma forgot all about her soaking wet phone, and looked around herself suspiciously whether there was someone pranking her or not. After being sure that there was nobody around, she apologized from the lake, and the respond she received this time was a sprinkle of water on her face that made her laugh. With her giddy laughter, all of the flowers and trees giggled from the back. “What made you child to come here at such an hour, and bring us an odd joy?” said softly an oak that extended her branches among the now-twittering lilies. Petunias sighed and uttered all together, “We no longer see little humans like you running, playing around us, and bringing us delight in our silence.” Emma was totally blown away by the hidden beauty that she was blind to a couple minutes ago and the only thing she could was smiling at the crowd of nature’s folk. It was as though there had been a veil between her and the night before the moment she talked to the lake and now it was gone. Full-moon light illuminated everything like no other light could and she was exposed to the rumbustious face of the nature. She could no longer identify the talking plants and animals because there were so many. She began to walk around the park and talk to every beautiful detail she encountered with. After growing very tired, she tried to find her way home with dogs and cats by her side rather than the navigation on her phone but the funny thing she was about to say was interrupted by her phone’s alarm under her pillow;


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