Poems by Tayfur Aydın

Poems by Tayfur Aydın

Pretty Poetry

Tell me all about her;

She is a waterdrop, a teardrop.

The precious pearl inside the mussel

that wouldn’t worth a damn in the shop.

Tell me all about him!

Oh, he is precious, St. Beelzebub.

with yellow pointy teeth and a big heart,

but would spend half his time in a beauty shop.

But how could you deny me the eye

In which I can fold in and cry

And the red-dead lips

Give life to my tears and dreams I’ve forgotten.

Please sell me a new face, not this rotten,

dirty, hand mirror broken – Would you?

Do we need a new face if we can afford

or do we simply let go and drink to the moon?


Because as you all know;

The moon is ugly when you are close,

But it’s prettier than the sun when you are drunk.




Drop me down from high sky.

Tie me to a star and give me a heart attack.

Watch me fall darling,

watch me, drink to me.

Make a wish, a wish that would set me free,

that the fall

would kill me.




I am of those who walk endlessly.

Transcendental like a note

that belongs to no violin

I fly in dirty mouths of thousands

of poor women with their bellies open,

of dirty men with corny fingers.

Of those you cast out, waving a thousand flags,

of those whose eyes you gouged out

with your imperative fingers.

Of those you tried to clothe

and those who worshipped each others naked bodies.

I grow more as I walk, endlessly

I am a nation without state,

bound only by love and flowers.



Marching Men


We gather around the queen to suck

the blood out of her like crossbred vampires

dung beetles, flies.

Around flowers with scents of nuclear,

who has the bigger reactor?

For the father with fifty bright eyes we fly.

No wings, we sit on top of tanks

and bullets to fly,

and we penetrate

through bones, through hearts,

through Stalingrad, through Gallipoli.

We are crossbred Gods

Greek muscles and  Aryan eyes

Broken noses and amputated legs.

The children of Ares and Swastika.

We kill only by order.


Tayfur Aydın

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