Nothingness: A Short Story by Özge Nur Kasap

She started to see, but everything was blurred. Voices that she heard diminished. She felt like the time itself has stopped. At that time, she knew how it feels like to die. Someone has grasped her and started to shake her body. She could hear his hoarse voice.

‘’Don’t you die on me!’’

But, she just wanted to sleep. He tried to stop her from falling asleep but, that was not enough anymore. She slowly closed her eyes, till eternity.

Sheopened her eyes. All she could see was dazzling white. She looked around, still trying to remember what had/ might have happened to her. She was standing somewhere, but there was not even a floor. There was nothing but white. She hung in the emptiness. Suddenly, she heard a voice.


The voice was calling her name. At first, she hesitated. Because the voice was coming from the emptiness, and ‘the emptiness’ definitely didn’t sound reliable to her. Then, she responded loudly.

‘’Who are you? Where am I?’’

‘’This is nothingness.’’

She blinked her eyes for a few times. She was trying to make sense of something. At that moment, she had flashbacks of a very close memory. It was too close. In fact, it was her last memory.

‘’So you are saying that I’m… dead?’’

She hoped she was dead. She could rest at least. It didn’t matter whether she was going to hell or heaven. Being alive was so exhausting. She was so tired of trying to live. While she was talking to herself, the voice spoke/ broke the silence.

‘’Not yet, Emma. You have a lot of things to do.’’

She shook her head and swore off furiously in her mind. Seriously, when was she going to die?

‘’You don’t have to be pissed off.’’ said the voice.

Really? Was the voice hearing her inner voice too? The voice answered her question.


‘’Stop it!’’

‘’Now, you will come back to Earth.’’

‘’No! Please! I want to stay here. I’m dead. You don’t have the right to do this.’’

‘’You are the chosen one, Emma. The earth can’t go on without you. It needs you.’’

She looked desperately into the emptiness. She was not even allowed to die in peace.

‘’Good luck, Emma.’’

Even before she could open her mouth to insist on staying, she started to fall from the emptiness that she was hanging on. She was not seeing white anymore. It was pitch black everywhere.

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