Poems by Sedanur Altun

Soleil couchant sur la seine à Lavacourt, effet d’hiver“, 1880, by Claude Monet.

Pleasure and Despair

It was like the wind coming through,

While she looked away and felt it in.

Like the changing colours of the sky

Or the moonshine’s calmness,

She saw that in the light of his eyes.

It made her change

Into some other creature.

One can call her a wolf

Or the empress of the fondness.

Time flew by,

While she wasted her time.

He did not see the light in her heart

Or the way she expressed her desire.

It was such a splendid pleasure,

At the same time

Such awful despair.

13 July, 2020

Feeling sorrow in the deepest depths

What is that crumbling my heart?

It is you, doing this; I feel.

Oh, my love, you were unaware

Of my kind whisper.

Things were surrounded on my mind,

It was hard to resist

Not to go into the deep.

As I saw the pureness in those eyes,

Feeling home was not away.

As I felt those magical arrows,

My stomach was hurting with pleasure.

Having the sweetness of this fruit,

Having the agonies

Coming after this sweetness,

Could be a part of this pure mystery.

Things are surrounded on my mind,

It is hard to resist

Not to go into the deep.

Now, I am left with the full moon,

By feeling sorrow in the deepest depths.

16 January,2021

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