Do you think animated films are just for the kids? Or that animations only work on simple themes? If that’s what you think, this list will change your mind and you will give a chance to these adult animations probably you have never even heard of!

  1. Coraline, IMDb: 7,7

Let’s start with one of the most controversial animations of all time in the film industry. It is the Coraline that was produced and directed by Henry Slick in 2009. In fact, the film is based on Neil Gaiman’s children’s novel which we would highly recommend. Coraline was shot using the stop-motion technique, which is to complete every scene in the film by shooting it frame by frame, it is just insane! So, you can understand it is a quite difficult and demanding job. This film shows the story of little blue-haired Coraline finding a door in the house where she and her family have just moved in and her journey to another mysterious universe. Since it contains a lot of elements of horror, the film can turn into a nightmare, not a pleasant animation for children. Due to the gloom of its atmosphere and the depressive and creepy elements we encounter throughout the film, it can be traumatic for children to watch the production alone, even it can be traumatic for adults. All that aside, you won’t forget this scary but fun adventure that Coraline will take you out on, even when you’re old!

2. Perfect Blue, IMDb: 8,0

Perfect Blue, shot in 1997 by Satoshi Kon, is the first name that comes to mind when it comes to anime, crime and mystery. In this film, the director offers you both a solid fiction and an incredible animation to show what cinema is. At first, everything seems normal, but we see how Mima Kirigoe, who left her music career behind to become an actress, turns her life upside down because of an obsessive fan. While even the word ‘obsessive’ alone can trigger a trauma that exists in many people, the psychodrama and surreal world you will watch throughout the film creates a tension that can stay in an adult’s mind for a long time. In addition, the director’s criticism of popular culture through the concept of idol, which is common today, and the deterioration in the perception of reality that comes with it, also puts the film in a position to be better understood by adults.

3. Soul, IMDb: 8,1

Soul, directed by Pete Docter and Kemp Powers, was released in 2020 and won many awards including the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film is a movie that makes the audience laugh and question their way of living. The movie tells the story of a jazz musician who works as a middle school band teacher and who is so tired of his same old routine. One day, he decides to run after his dreams; however, things don’t go as planned and suddenly his life comes to an end. That’s how he starts his journey and takes us with him. For those who still struggle with life and try to achieve their dream, this journey feels like a therapy session that you delayed and didn’t want to face! However, after you get it there is no regret. Also, we should warn you about that, the characters and the events are so real that you can forget that this is an animation movie and you might shed some tears regardless of your age. The movie is based on a heartbreaking real-life story so makes sure you prepare your tissues!

4. Akira,IMDb: 8,0

Akira, directed by Katsuhiro Otomo in 1988, begins when a motorcycle gang leader tries to save his bandmate from the government experimenting on him, and his friends gain psychokinetic powers during this time. Thanks to the sci-fi elements and admiring animations it showed to us on screen, it made animes popular in the western world. In a way, it paved the way for the animes that followed. This movie, set in the future dystopian neo-Tokyo, should be watched by adults both because of the horror elements it contains and because of its epic tones. When you see the complexity of the movie and the action shown to you during the approximately 2-hour period of the film, we are sure you would not recommend Akira to a child, even if you’re someone who thought the animations were for children only.

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas, IMDb: 8,0

And another Henry Selick movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas, was released in 1993 and we believe that this Halloween movie is one of those movies that you will like more each year as it gets old, just like a good wine. This animation has a kind of plot that you will wonder how the animation team came up with such an idea, as you watch the movie. Jack Skellington also known as The Pumpkin King who has become tired of the same old Halloween routine, accidentally finds himself in the Christmas Town. And he gets so fascinated by it that he decides to kidnap Santa Claus. Despite being a stop motion animated movie and having a few violent scenes which add to its creepiness, we think that The Nightmare Before Christmas is a movie that anyone from any age can enjoy because of its interesting visuals that holds a great amount of effort in it and also the deep meanings that lie under the actual plot. Different from the other movies we suggested in this list, this movie is good for adults not because it’s scary but because it’s not that scary at all! If you are also one of those adults who is tired of watching scary movies every Halloween and want to not get scared but still want to feel the Halloween spirit this time, you should check The Nightmare Before Christmas, we are sure you will like it.

6. Waking Life, IMDb: 7,8

Last but not least, one of the mind-boggling animations of cinema history, Richard Linklater’s Waking Life. The most important feature that distinguishes this animation from others, which was released in 2011, that it was shot using the rotoscope technique,( i.e, it was first played by real actors and then animated after the film was finished). The movie tells the story of a young man in search of a new world where dreams and reality are separated from each other, and in doing so, he makes various interrogations about life. Waking Life offers us many philosophical elements, from existentialism to free will, with a very strong narrative. Does life have meaning? If you have, what is it? Are we living in the middle of nowhere? Do we exist? A film that you will get or not get answers to many questions from a philosophical point of view is waiting for you. We think the film appeals to adults because of the intense philosophical monologues and dialogues in the film. Also, anyone bored with the clichéd endings and nauseating loveliness of animated films will definitely like this film. We highly recommend that you look at the original footage after watching the film. You can reach it from the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akLbLR2Xvd8, enjoy!

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