About Us

IKUELL blog was established in 2013 to provide our students with a platform where they can share their articles, short stories and poems. The website also works as a news outlet via the interviews we publish and the events we write about.

We publish new works on a weekly basis. The events we write about are, but not limited to, arts exhibitions, plays, concerts and conferences.
The current team consists of one Research Assistant as Supervisor, one student as Editor-in-Chief and sixteen students as contributors.

Editors and Contributors


Başak Kurnaz is a student of English Language and Literature department IKU. She loves to hoard books, trinkets and useless trivia, and enjoys criticizing things she likes. Reading is not only a hobby for her but also a passion she wants to spread to others.

Contact: kurnazaysebasak@gmail.com

My name is Arda Civanoğlu, I am not only an English Language and Literature student in IKU but I am also an intern in Aras Publishing. I’m here to explore the galaxy with Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Federation Star Ship Enterprise.

Contact: arda.86.248@gmail.com

Former Editor-in-Chief Emre Misvaklı 

Supervisor Murat Kemal Kabak

Research assistant at Istanbul Kültür University, English Language and Literature department. Graduate student at Boğaziçi University, English Literature department.

Contact: m.kabak@iku.edu.tr

Your contributions and comments are most welcome. Please send us your comments about IKUELL.com.

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