What Did I Watch This June

  Winterlight (1963) “God why have you created me so eternally dissatisfied? So bitter, so frightened? Why must I realize how wretched I am? Why must I suffer so hellishly for my insignificance?” This is my number one film for the June by Ingmar Bergman. The film’s theme mainly revolves around characters’ common reaction against... Continue Reading →

Plague of the 21st Century: Anxiety

Anxiety began with a traumatic experience that I rejected to face with. I should say that first step to ease my anxiety was acceptance. I accepted that something was going wrong with me. I was constantly feeling suffocated with a heart beating so fast that it woke me up from my sleep. Before I begin... Continue Reading →

Heart is Calm

We took our backpacks and went on a pursuit of happiness. We gave sacrifices at the foots of what we valued the most, yet we returned heart still fast, foot swollen and soul anxious. Even more disillusioned, because happiness was not a treasure hunt. You cannot dig holes with a map in your hands, and... Continue Reading →

Yet The Heart Beats Fast

The Death Of a Salesman came in with the mail a week ago. As I began to read it, I found it incredibly hard to focus on the play. A piece of paper that the previous owner forgot in the book, considering that it is she,  made me think about her. “I turn to you... Continue Reading →

Commodification of Time in Michael Ende’s Momo

 Materialization of time and remarks of consumerism in Michael Ende’s Momo   Momo is a homeless girl, who runs away from orphanage to an uncertain city where Momo takes place. The plot mainly adopts Momo’s adventures of gaining the stolen time back from the time-thieves, who are called  “The Grey Gentlemen”. Those Gentlemen continue to... Continue Reading →

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