10 Destinations in Turkey Which Make You Feel Like You are Holidaying Abroad

Most of us dream about going on a holiday abroad, but it is not often we can actually fulfill this dream. What if I told you there were domestic counterparts to some of the world's most popular holiday destinations? Here are 10 domestic addresses which are twins of some of the world’s most popular holiday... Continue Reading →

Is There a Language Module in the Mind?

Modularity of mind is the concept discussing whether specific modules in the mind work independently, or the mind is not organized in a modular way and it is an integrated whole. Since this concept is an unresolved issue, there is no one true answer to our question. However, I am going to argue for the modularity of... Continue Reading →

Can Animals Learn a Human Language?

Knowing a language is an ability to perform linguistic functions.  Humans and animals use language as a communicative skill throughout their lives. There are some drastic differences between the human`s way of communication and the animal`s way of communication. For instance, human language is based on words. Whereas, animal communication is based on screams, gestures... Continue Reading →

Is Human Language an Instinctual Behaviour?

In this essay I discuss whether human language is an instinctual behaviour or a learning behaviour by considering Eric Lenneberg’s criteria for instinctual behaviours (1967). This has been argued for years and although some follow Skinner`s theory of language acquisition as a learning behaviour, there are still people who consider language as an innate ability,... Continue Reading →

City of Rocks, castles, bridges, minarets: Hasankeyf

With its natural, historical and architectural features Hasankeyf is very different from the many ruins in Anatolia, for example, the Eastern Roman ruins. As Archaeological News said, it is a unique settlement. However, the structures in Hasankeyf are not durable enough to overcome the flooding. Hasankeyf, which hosted ancient civilizations, is anxiously waiting for a... Continue Reading →

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