Nothingness: A Short Story by Özge Nur Kasap

She started to see, but everything was blurred. Voices that she heard diminished. She felt like the time itself has stopped. At that time, she knew how it feels like to die. Someone has grasped her and started to shake her body. She could hear his hoarse voice. ‘’Don’t you die on me!’’ But, she... Continue Reading →

Mik: A Short Story by Onurhan Tunar

Mik My name is Mortimer Icarus Kowalski, but my friends would probably call me Mik or Morty. I have a sleeping problem which I can only fix by taking pills four hours before my capitalistically appropriate sleeping time. It was an ordinary night, I took my pills as usual and crawled into my bed. I... Continue Reading →

Poems by Tayfur Aydın

Poems by Tayfur Aydın Pretty Poetry Tell me all about her; She is a waterdrop, a teardrop. The precious pearl inside the mussel that wouldn't worth a damn in the shop. Tell me all about him! Oh, he is precious, St. Beelzebub. with yellow pointy teeth and a big heart, but would spend half his... Continue Reading →

Emma and Her Phone

A short story by Büşra Kurt Emma and Her Phone Once upon a night in 2017, little Emma was away in her night-strolling with her favourite Spotify-list on her earbuds. After parking her bicycle to a ragged iron stick coming out of the pedestrian road, she walked through the park which was basically designed with... Continue Reading →

Human Kindness

A Short by Tayfur Aydın Human Kindness This place is too noisy, I can't stand it sometimes. There is a sound, a buzzing like some kind of a machine is constantly running. But it's ok, it's warm. It's small, but it's warm. There is a sweet lady, her name is mommy.  Sometimes, she touches the... Continue Reading →

Poems by Karekin Serdar Akbaş

Poems by Karekin Serdar Akbaş Self-Sustaining without Common Pattern You don’t have to be under the sun, If it does not fit you well You are not a sunflower, You might be a fish Swimming in the sea Without the global time that people use Just the essence that feeds your personality Under the deep... Continue Reading →

Wake Up

Wake Up - A Short Story by Onurhan Tunar   Another winter was settling in on whatever was outside. Cold breeze was finding its way through various cracks of the bunker and taking a tour in the underground metal dome. The core heating system was up and running, replacing the freezing touch of winter with... Continue Reading →

Short Poems

Short Poems by Işıl İlkter a subtle kiss on the bridge that magnificent mile. .the windy city   blues in my ears great Shirley Johnson sings and my eyes dripping tears. .blue Chicago   my mother is like the sea how big, beautiful and blue. .la mère et la mer   put your head under... Continue Reading →


Poems by Tayfur Aydın Dead Buried their naked bodies into white powder sometimes pink worms Free from the burden of tomorrow, the drooling, the chase of power no more bound to a bed of thorns Forgiven from all the why? and what for? No more fathers, no more conquerors, No more you or me these... Continue Reading →

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