Mik: A Short Story by Onurhan Tunar

Mik My name is Mortimer Icarus Kowalski, but my friends would probably call me Mik or Morty. I have a sleeping problem which I can only fix by taking pills four hours before my capitalistically appropriate sleeping time. It was an ordinary night, I took my pills as usual and crawled into my bed. I … Continue reading Mik: A Short Story by Onurhan Tunar

Poems by Tayfur Aydın

Poems by Tayfur Aydın Pretty Poetry Tell me all about her; She is a waterdrop, a teardrop. The precious pearl inside the mussel that wouldn't worth a damn in the shop. Tell me all about him! Oh, he is precious, St. Beelzebub. with yellow pointy teeth and a big heart, but would spend half his … Continue reading Poems by Tayfur Aydın