On Contraction of Time and Space

When we have a closer look at nature’s cycle, we find that the rhythm of life and universe is processing as part of a huge system that unravels itself to even a larger one. Gregg Braden, an American author of New Age literature, suggests that “the experience of day, night and the seasons offers aContinue reading “On Contraction of Time and Space”

Latest news from Kadıköy: Taşra Kabare is ready for departure!

In recent years, locals in Istanbul have been diverging from the European side to Asia. Of these, Kadıköy which is known with its contemporary and very artistic posture and lively night life, is calling for numerous people to be a part of this unique experience. Being a home to the greatest dining services, progressive attitude, distinctiveContinue reading “Latest news from Kadıköy: Taşra Kabare is ready for departure!”

10th IDEA Conference

Attending a conference is a pretty good experience in terms of socializing with colleagues from different fields and institutions. Deep analysis on one specific point is one of the main reasons to participate in a conference. This year, IDEA, Turkish National Association for English Studies, is celebrating its 10th anniversary at Boğaziçi University. You canContinue reading “10th IDEA Conference”

34th Istanbul Film Festival

The 34th Istanbul International Film Festival is coming again with an extensive program. This festival which first started in 1982 is still protecting the quality of its content along with its diversity. Many of the award-winning films and discoveries of the world cinema, classics and the latest movies of Turkish cinema will be provided atContinue reading “34th Istanbul Film Festival”