“Journey Without End”: An Interview with Esin Akalın

As third year students Deniz Kişmir, Elif Ademhan, Ilgın Acar and Murat Kabak, we conducted an interview with Assistant Professor Esin Akalın. She has been teaching Western Culture and Civilisation, Renaissance Drama, Literature and Mythology, Modern and Contemporary Drama and many other courses in our department since 2001. Questions appear in bold. Translations of certain... Continue Reading →

Onur Ünsal on Bira Fabrikasi

In earlier months, we published our interview with one of the founders of Moda Sahnesi, Onur Unsal on Shakespeare's Hamlet. Below you can find the second part of the interview, in which Unsal explains what the theatre company is expecting from the audience of another thought-provoking play, Bira Fabrikasi. In the movies Egreti Gelin and Jin, your characters’... Continue Reading →

Onur Ünsal on Hamlet

Moda Sahnesi is famous for its thought-provoking plays, warm atmophere, and its controversial adaptation of Hamlet. It was first staged over a year ago, and since then, it has received various comments. In this rather avant-garde adaptation, Onur Ünsal, a 29-year-old thespian, plays the title role. Below, you can read what Ünsal thinks about his character, the play, and the... Continue Reading →

Interview with Mehmet N. Arkan

            After watching Sylvia for the first time, one dancer took my attention, and he was Mehmet Nuri Arkan. Although I did not know the names of the dancers, I checked the board on which the cast was presented. The reason why he caught my attention was I always thought ballet as a disciplined dance... Continue Reading →

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