Panel Abolition of slavery: Past, Present and Future

English Language Student Club, Elit Society, will have an online panel within the scope of ''International Day for the Abolition of Slavery'' with the contributions English Language and Literature Department on 2nd of December, Wednesday, 18.00. On the panel, University of Northern Colorado, Africana Studies program coordinator Dr. George H. Junne, Jr will be presenting... Continue Reading →

Exhibition: “Melting Memories” by Refik Anadol

The base of Refik Anadol’s work comes from an individual’s most personal data, memories. The brainwaves of people had gathered with help of California University researchers and Anadol visualized the data which consist of different moods of people. The trick here is that depending on EEG[i] waves, as the strength of memories changes, visuality of... Continue Reading →

800 Years of Freedom: Magna Carta

"This will be the year of Magna Carta. It is a year rich in historical anniversaries, including those of the battles of Agincourt (1415) and Waterloo (1815). But it is the commemoration of King John’s great concession at Runnymede on June 15 1215 that should dominate our thoughts, as we consider the profound influence that... Continue Reading →

Current Art Events in Istanbul

İşte Benim, Zeki Müren (Here I am, Zeki Müren) Yapı Kredi Private Banking and Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts Publication launched a major exhibition of Turkish classical music icon, Zeki Müren, on 18 November. Free exhibition, curated by Derya Bengi, ends on 31 January 2015. Orientalism in Polish Art Pera Musum is hosting a selection of Polish artworks... Continue Reading →

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