Lara Fabian Comes to Turkey!

Famous Singer, Lara Fabian, known for her pieces "I Will Love Again" and "Je’Taime" sold over 20 million, will meet art lovers in Cesme district of İzmir and in Istanbul. Fabian, a Canadian citizen born in Belgium in 1970, is the best-selling Belgian female singer of all time. She represented Luxembourg in the 33rd edition … Continue reading Lara Fabian Comes to Turkey!

City of Rocks, castles, bridges, minarets: Hasankeyf

With its natural, historical and architectural features Hasankeyf is very different from the many ruins in Anatolia, for example, the Eastern Roman ruins. As Archaeological News said, it is a unique settlement. However, the structures in Hasankeyf are not durable enough to overcome the flooding. Hasankeyf, which hosted ancient civilizations, is anxiously waiting for a … Continue reading City of Rocks, castles, bridges, minarets: Hasankeyf