The Dependence on Being Independent

Article by Erinç GERÇEK Art by Yaoyao Ma Van Have you ever wondered why holidays mean so much to us? Even the word “ holiday” itself is enough to make us smile, and in fact that sort of smile is contagious, but why is that ? It is because the idea of having free time... Continue Reading →

Happiness of Our Day

''Happiness is like a warm bed on a cold morning.'' ''Happiness is getting what you want.'' ''I am happy when I am with my friends laughing.'' Everyone has a different idea on happiness which varies depending on the person, the time, or the phase of the moon. For Aristotle “Happiness is a life lived according... Continue Reading →

The effects of injustice on the character development of Michael Corleone in Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather (1972) – Emre Misvaklı

Mafia, Yakuza, Cosa Nostra and Triads have always been symptoms of a corrupt justice system or a rotten understanding of justice instead of the sickness itself. People gathered up and stuck together to protect themselves against racism, exploitation, injustice and repressive state apparatuses they were suffering. All these threats and the lack of a governmental... Continue Reading →

On Contraction of Time and Space

When we have a closer look at nature’s cycle, we find that the rhythm of life and universe is processing as part of a huge system that unravels itself to even a larger one. Gregg Braden, an American author of New Age literature, suggests that “the experience of day, night and the seasons offers a... Continue Reading →

Meditations on Being Seen

"aynada yüzüm hazırladı" Yıldız Tilbe, El Adamı "Ben de bu dünyada yaşadım ama annemi hiç görmedim" Found poem of a child By LEVENT AKIN Failed Essay -on being seen- Being seen, regardless of the human capacity to hide and shadow every essence of our being, terrorizes us like children caught in the omniscient gaze of... Continue Reading →

Is There a Language Module in the Mind?

Modularity of mind is the concept discussing whether specific modules in the mind work independently, or the mind is not organized in a modular way and it is an integrated whole. Since this concept is an unresolved issue, there is no one true answer to our question. However, I am going to argue for the modularity of... Continue Reading →

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