Knowing Power

By MUHAMMED SAID ARBAŞ Epictetus Have you ever seen someone powerful and charismatic? What makes this person powerful? Is it because he is rich and famous? Maybe, he is just incredibly clever. Power conceptually is defined as the capacity and ability to direct or influence the behavior of others and the course of events. Variations... Continue Reading →

My Motivation to Live

By GÜLSÜM GÜMÜŞ Do you ever think about what you are doing with your life? What is your goal here? What do you mean to other people? Even if you think of these questions, are you able to answer them? Finding the meaning of your life is a whole journey where you get to know... Continue Reading →

Minimalism for a Happier Life

By SEZİN BAL How can a person be happy if s/he thinks what to wear every day or cleans the house for hours all because of the unnecessary items? The minimalist philosophy eliminates all un-required items and enables people to focus on what they really need in their lives. These unnecessary items include not only... Continue Reading →

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