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Meditations on Being Seen

“aynada yüzüm hazırladı” Yıldız Tilbe, El Adamı “Ben de bu dünyada yaşadım ama annemi hiç görmedim” Found poem of a child Failed Essay -on being seen- Being seen, regardless of the human capacity to hide and shadow every essence of our being, terrorizes us like children caught in […]

Can Animals Learn a Human Language?

Knowing a language is an ability to perform linguistic functions.  Humans and animals use language as a communicative skill throughout their lives. There are some drastic differences between the human`s way of communication and the animal`s way of communication. For instance, human language is based on words. Whereas, […]

Is Human Language an Instinctual Behaviour?

In this essay I discuss whether human language is an instinctual behaviour or a learning behaviour by considering Eric Lenneberg’s criteria for instinctual behaviours (1967). This has been argued for years and although some follow Skinner`s theory of language acquisition as a learning behaviour, there are still people […]