Plague of the 21st Century: Anxiety

Anxiety began with a traumatic experience that I rejected to face with. I should say that first step to ease my anxiety was acceptance. I accepted that something was going wrong with me. I was constantly feeling suffocated with a heart beating so fast that it woke me up from my sleep. Before I beginContinue reading “Plague of the 21st Century: Anxiety”

Gulliver’s Travel to the Laputa as a Critique of the Enlightenment Thought

    In the third part of his voyage, the narrator of Gulliver’s Travels, Lemuel Gulliver finds himself on a floating island, named Laputa. Gulliver is welcomed by the Laputans, and begins to observe their culture and lifestyle. But what is the contribution of Gulliver’s third voyage to the work’s overall satire? Each travel of GulliverContinue reading “Gulliver’s Travel to the Laputa as a Critique of the Enlightenment Thought”

Criticism of capitalism in Oscar Wilde’s “The Happy Prince”

Oscar Wilde was born as the second child of wealthy Irish Wilde family in Dublin in 1854. He went to Dublin Trinity College and then to Oxford. He published his short fiction book The Happy Prince in 1888. In his 1891 essay The Soul of Man Under Socialism, Wilde described himself as an anarchist, sinceContinue reading “Criticism of capitalism in Oscar Wilde’s “The Happy Prince””

Commodification of Time in Michael Ende’s Momo

 Materialization of time and remarks of consumerism in Michael Ende’s Momo   Momo is a homeless girl, who runs away from orphanage to an uncertain city where Momo takes place. The plot mainly adopts Momo’s adventures of gaining the stolen time back from the time-thieves, who are called  “The Grey Gentlemen”. Those Gentlemen continue toContinue reading “Commodification of Time in Michael Ende’s Momo”

Over The Garden Wall Analysis – Part 1

For Part 2 click the link  Over The Garden Wall Analysis – Part 2 For Part 3 click the link Over The Garden Wall Analysis – Part 3 Over The Garden Wall is a ten episodes miniseries of Cartoon Network, created by Patrick McHale and based on Patrick McHale’s 30 minute animated short Tome of TheContinue reading “Over The Garden Wall Analysis – Part 1”