An Analysis on the “Saint Augustine” painting of Philippe de Champaigne by Selen Kaptan

Most of the paintings of Philippe de Champaigne, similar to many artists of the Baroque Era, are religious and allegorical; however, in 1643, when Philippe de Champaigne got influenced by Jansenism, he almost abandoned the Baroque style which consists of angels and miraculous lights. He used cold colors instead of lucid colors to make his... Continue Reading →

Nothingness: A Short Story by Özge Nur Kasap

She started to see, but everything was blurred. Voices that she heard diminished. She felt like the time itself has stopped. At that time, she knew how it feels like to die. Someone has grasped her and started to shake her body. She could hear his hoarse voice. ‘’Don’t you die on me!’’ But, she... Continue Reading →

Poems by Tayfur Aydın

Poems by Tayfur Aydın Pretty Poetry Tell me all about her; She is a waterdrop, a teardrop. The precious pearl inside the mussel that wouldn't worth a damn in the shop. Tell me all about him! Oh, he is precious, St. Beelzebub. with yellow pointy teeth and a big heart, but would spend half his... Continue Reading →

Emma and Her Phone

A short story by Büşra Kurt Emma and Her Phone Once upon a night in 2017, little Emma was away in her night-strolling with her favourite Spotify-list on her earbuds. After parking her bicycle to a ragged iron stick coming out of the pedestrian road, she walked through the park which was basically designed with... Continue Reading →

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