Poems by Tayfur Aydın

Poems by Tayfur Aydın Pretty Poetry Tell me all about her; She is a waterdrop, a teardrop. The precious pearl inside the mussel that wouldn't worth a damn in the shop. Tell me all about him! Oh, he is precious, St. Beelzebub. with yellow pointy teeth and a big heart, but would spend half his... Continue Reading →

Poems by Karekin Serdar Akbaş

Poems by Karekin Serdar Akbaş Self-Sustaining without Common Pattern You don’t have to be under the sun, If it does not fit you well You are not a sunflower, You might be a fish Swimming in the sea Without the global time that people use Just the essence that feeds your personality Under the deep... Continue Reading →

Short Poems

Short Poems by Işıl İlkter a subtle kiss on the bridge that magnificent mile. .the windy city   blues in my ears great Shirley Johnson sings and my eyes dripping tears. .blue Chicago   my mother is like the sea how big, beautiful and blue. .la mère et la mer   put your head under... Continue Reading →


Poems by Tayfur Aydın Dead Buried their naked bodies into white powder sometimes pink worms Free from the burden of tomorrow, the drooling, the chase of power no more bound to a bed of thorns Forgiven from all the why? and what for? No more fathers, no more conquerors, No more you or me these... Continue Reading →

Poems by Hira Ekin Sürcan

Poems by Hira Ekin Sürcan Sakura on a Desert A new way of life On a desert full of lie, and my Feelings are corrupted, and cry Until my heart feels at ease and unloaded. Expectations high as the clouds, It’s getting loud in the crowd Of my thoughts, and drowned In the darkness of... Continue Reading →

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