Human Kindness

A Short by Tayfur Aydın Human Kindness This place is too noisy, I can't stand it sometimes. There is a sound, a buzzing like some kind of a machine is constantly running. But it's ok, it's warm. It's small, but it's warm. There is a sweet lady, her name is mommy.  Sometimes, she touches the... Continue Reading →

Wake Up

Wake Up - A Short Story by Onurhan Tunar   Another winter was settling in on whatever was outside. Cold breeze was finding its way through various cracks of the bunker and taking a tour in the underground metal dome. The core heating system was up and running, replacing the freezing touch of winter with... Continue Reading →

A Short Story by Işıl İlkter

A short by Işıl İlkter My last reader, or to be more precise, my current master in this household acquired me during one of his visits to Paris. Who I am is an entirely unnecessary detail for what I am about to tell, yet you should never confuse me with others dwelling in this castle.... Continue Reading →

Left Behind

A short story by Tayfur Aydın The world was lost. By the year 2073, colonies had been established in space and by 2085, new habitable planets had been found. The earth was sick. It was dying and they left it to rot. By the year 2100 the earth had become their giant trash can. Everything... Continue Reading →

Heart is Calm

We took our backpacks and went on a pursuit of happiness. We gave sacrifices at the foots of what we valued the most, yet we returned heart still fast, foot swollen and soul anxious. Even more disillusioned, because happiness was not a treasure hunt. You cannot dig holes with a map in your hands, and... Continue Reading →

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