5 Trilogies to Binge-Watch during Self-Quarantine

By Ayşe Irmak ASAAD Due to the Corona Virus Emergency, we now have plenty of time in this period when we all should stay at home, and most of us are thinking how to spend that much time. Here is the solution; binge-watch trilogies.  You can binge-watch the trilogies that you have been postponing for a... Continue Reading →


Photo by Willy Rizzo I was sitting alone at a café and I was arguing with my friends online. Their words stroke me like a giant meteor and I was the dinosaurs, maybe their intentions were caring but this does not change the fact that I got hurt because the arguments came from my closest... Continue Reading →

Happiness of Our Day

''Happiness is like a warm bed on a cold morning.'' ''Happiness is getting what you want.'' ''I am happy when I am with my friends laughing.'' Everyone has a different idea on happiness which varies depending on the person, the time, or the phase of the moon. For Aristotle “Happiness is a life lived according... Continue Reading →

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