Onur Ünsal on Bira Fabrikasi

In earlier months, we published our interview with one of the founders of Moda Sahnesi, Onur Unsal on Shakespeare's Hamlet. Below you can find the second part of the interview, in which Unsal explains what the theatre company is expecting from the audience of another thought-provoking play, Bira Fabrikasi. In the movies Egreti Gelin and Jin, your characters’... Continue Reading →

Hamlet Machine

Heiner Müller’s Hamlet Machine Heiner Müller’s Hamlet Machine, created significant impact and change in dramaturgy and performance in the European theatre, is based on Shakespeare's masterpiece, Hamlet, and built on the past efforts of reckoning. General idea was the bloody history of Europe, which underwent two consecutive world wars. This history, is located across the... Continue Reading →

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